Your brand is not just a logo, name, or color scheme. It is who you are as an organization at the most fundamental level.

Your brand is what customers think about you and can when done well, elicit an emotional response from every touchpoint. Strong brands are more likely to retain customers over the long term and appeal to new audiences.

All this is to say, if your company doesn't have a well-designed online brand, it's putting a major obstacle in your marketing efforts.

Companies can use branding services to help them with any aspect of their business, no matter if they are looking to establish a brand identity or communicate their core values.

Why do you need a brand agency?

A dedicated brand agency can offer a variety of services depending upon the client's needs.

Offerings of branding agencies can include:

  • From the ground up, building a brand identity.
  • How to create a brand strategy
  • Designing company logos.
  • Design, tone, and style guidelines for brands.
  • A social media strategy for the company that is consistent with its brand identity.
  • Write copy for websites and other digital assets that accurately reflect the brand voice.

Branding agencies need to immerse themselves in all aspects of their client's brands. This includes their core values and mission statements, messaging, voice, and other aspects.

Many businesses don't have a clear understanding of who they are as brands. The key principles and intangible characteristics that distinguish these companies from their competitors must be defined by branding agencies. What is it that makes them unique? How do they communicate that vision to their target market? These are the kinds of questions that a brand agency can answer.

Marketing services by top branding experts

The branding agency approaches branding services from many angles. They help businesses to establish, sustain, or expand their brand in any way possible. These six can help you elevate your marketing strategy by putting more emphasis on who you are and what it offers.

1. Design Logo 

This will be a crucial step in establishing your brand. The company logo is the main face of an organization and should inform potential customers all they need about your business.

A logo designed well can support marketing efforts in many ways.

Brand Awareness

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of any consumer brand? It's most likely their logo. Logos are easily recognized around the world, even if they are cross-cultural and international boundaries for top brands.

Coca-Cola is a prime example. It's a well-known brand that is easily recognized by most people. It doesn't matter if the logo is in English or if it uses a cursive font that was popular 150 years ago. 90% of people worldwide recognize it as soon as they see it.

Brand identity

Your logo can communicate a lot about your business to potential customers without you having to say much. Coca-Cola's Spencerian Script reflects its long history and a product that has remained almost unchanged for over 100 years. Coca-Cola is a reliable product that people choose. They know exactly what they are getting from it. Experiments with the formula that have failed in the past have been a cautionary tale about brand management.

Sticking to an old-fashioned logo year in and year out helps you sell the message that your product has stood the test of time and that it's not necessary to fix what's broken.

FedEx is another example of a logo that subtly informs customers a lot about the brand. This symbol is meant to convey speed, accuracy, and reliability when delivering packages.

The company's original name, Federal Express, was changed to FedEx to make it more appealing to consumers than to government agencies or organizations.

Logo design agencies can help you create logos that are more than just eye-catching. They establish an identity and communicate your core business values. Logo design services can help companies express their historical legacy, innovative and disruptive ideas, or professional image.

2. Brand messaging

What are you able to offer customers? What is your brand experience and how does it compare to the rest? What are your customers getting from your business that isn't available anywhere else?

It is the essence of your company and should be used in everything you do, from marketing materials to taglines to product descriptions.

Brand messaging can include many factors, such as:

  • Value proposition.
  • These are the key differentiators.
  • Organizational culture.
  • Product positioning.

Every word your company uses should have a meaning. This meaning should reflect your brand message.

Subway, is the largest fast-food restaurant chain in the country and represents 18.5% of the entire market. Subway's success is due to its ability to change messaging to appeal to health-conscious customers.

Each branding development and change that has taken place over the past two decades has focused on fresh food and healthy eating. It is evident in the brand's slogan, "Eat fresh." It is clear that the brand values food quality, even if it reclassifies employees as "sandwich makers".

Businesses can get expert advice from a brand agency on crafting the right message for their target audience, industry, and organization. Sometimes, it is enough to tweak an existing approach, while in other cases, a complete rebranding is required.

Subway was essentially rebranded as the healthier alternative to fast-food chains like McDonald's or Wendy's. These same brands now want to follow Subway's lead and promote healthier food options in their marketing.


3. Positioning of brands

Although brand positioning can be easily considered part of brand messaging, it is important enough to merit its discussion.

Brand positioning, in short, is the way you differentiate yourself from your competition. What is it that you have to offer the market that makes you stand out from others? It'll be hard to convince potential customers that your business is better than another if you don't know the answer.

However, branding agencies can assist with this. They can help you determine the needs of your customers, what your business can offer, and how they compare to your competitors.

A successful branding strategy must match your capabilities and customers' needs. Brand agencies don't want to overpromise or exaggerate. They want to find the uniqueness of your company and then show you how to make it shine.


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