Did you know that Nike’s logo is called a Swoosh, not a tick? Or that the Swoosh represents a sound, speed and motion of something or someone whizzing past really fast? Creating a brand with a purpose and a representation is very important.

While planning on establishing your own business, you have too many things to take care of and a logo might be the last thing on your mind. But since a mind is incomplete without the brain, a company is void without its logo, as the logo creates a strong sense of brand image and impression in our minds and hearts. Sidelining the logo completely might not be a very smart move for your company’s future but also a sporadic disaster for your company.

With so much noise in the market, we’re used to getting bombarded by ads from all sorts of brands. Can you think of the last time an ad made you want to buy something? Brands that can invoke emotion are the ones that nurture brand loyalty with their customers. It’s the main reason why Apple holds keynotes before they launch new products. They want their customers to understand and empathize with the work that went into creating their products, emotionally enticing them to buy it.

A company’s logo is more than just a small drawing or graphics, as most people see it. It has its own design, delight, and purpose which contributes to a company’s growth and success. How? Let’s find out.


A logo plays a very big role in giving an identity to your company. It helps establish your name and image in the market. There are thousands of companies doing the same thing as you. How do you distinguish yourself from them?

Unless you set an image for your brand, you are just a faceless entity that will never get recognized by customers or clients. The most important purpose of a Logo is to give your company identity and establish its name in the market.



A company can be named after anything. You can name a company after your name, after someone you love or admire and even after something you cherish. The question is, how will people know what your company actually does?

People often do not have the time to inquire about such things and put in extra efforts just to understand what your company does. If they do not know about you, they will simply go to someone they know about.

A Logo acts as the face of your company and tells the customers what you actually do. It is a mini representation of your entire business, in a way. This is the reason why people spend a significant amount of time designing a logo, in order to get the perfect representation of their business. You should be able to look at the logo and tell what your company does, only then is your logo actually useful.



We live in a world where people judge a book by its cover. This is the reason why most people get easily attracted to a company whose logo is alluring.

You could have a very good business idea and amazing products at your disposal, but if your logo is mundane, you will have a hard time grabbing the customer’s attention.

Think of it like this, would you trust a person who always keeps his face hidden behind a mask? In fact, you might even stay wary of such a person. Your company is exactly that without a logo.

An attractive logo can help expand and grow your business and take your business to new levels of success. This, however, does not imply that you should only work on making your logo attractive. You will lose customers as soon as you gain them if your products and services are not up to the mark.



More often than not, company names are too long and cumbersome to get printed on products and services without making them look ugly and repulsive.

No one likes wearing a T-shirt on which the complete name of your company is printed up front. On the other hand, is the same T-shirt has a small and stylish logo on it, you wouldn’t mind wearing it, will you?

This is another purpose of Logos. They can be printed anywhere and everywhere. You might notice them or overlook them most of the time, but they will still get imprinted in your mind.



Another purpose of the logo is you establish brand loyalty among your customers.

If customers like your products and remember your logo, they will see your logo in the market and won’t think twice before picking your products off the shelf among 5 different competitors.



You might just be a start-up, and not have much experience in the market, but if you have a logo, your company automatically looks professional and legit.

People often don’t want to deal with or invest in a company which they think is unprofessional. Customers automatically trust your products and services if your logo is attractive. Branding has a profound ability to influence the masses. The idea that a symbol can be easily recognized and establish lasting meaning, is powerful. It’s what allows companies to leave their literal mark on the world.

All in all, Logo is the one thing that customers use to identify your brand. It acts as the face of your company which people can trust and rely upon. This is the main purpose of a company’s logo.



Whether you’re part of a humble startup or sprawling enterprise, crafting a strong mission statement is vital to standing out amongst your competitors and forming a close bond with your customers.

Try to recall the last Coca-Cola commercial you saw and consider whether it fits their mission statement. The answer will probably be “yes.” The reason being is that Coca-Cola has done a great job of establishing a north star for its brand and marketing.


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