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One of the biggest problems you will must face as a dealership is being noticed in a highly competitive market. It is likely that you're among several dealerships operating within an area that is small. This makes it difficult to distinguish your business from those located just down the block or on the corner.

However, differentiation is crucial. In a world where consumers are relying on research on the internet and price comparisons to make purchasing decision, it's crucial to create a loyal client base that gives you frequent business, and eventually creates brand ambassadors by promoting your brand to other people.

What is Dealership Marketing?

The dealership marketing strategy is a series of strategies used to promote and attract customers and services that are related to the automotive marketing, selling, and buying industry.

Marketing strategies used in the automotive industry generally have their own specificities, which means there are a few manual strategies that are successful or even recommended. But, if you are able to discover the best strategies, the benefits you will reap are numerous.

A few of the advantages of a well-planned dealer marketing strategy include:

  • The increase in sales A single of the greatest benefits is definitely the increase of potential customers who are interested in your product and it's possible to increase the number of sales you make.
  • Positioning of your brand: Getting your brand's visibility up to being acknowledged locally and beyond the physical boundaries has numerous benefits.
  • Optimization of resources: Implementing marketing strategies usually require the use of new technology and channels that let you make better utilization of the resources you have both financial and human.
  • Find the latest KPIs New strategies constantly come new opportunities for potential. When you implement them, you'll uncover new metrics that you will be able to continuously be monitoring to make an even more impact.


6 Dealership Marketing Tips and Strategies


  1. SEO & SEM

In the modern world online, having a presence is essential. The fact that you have a website is only the start of that lengthy journey. It is, however, the most essential component of your overall internet marketing strategy.

To begin attaining new customers, it's crucial that they can locate your business. Particularly when they are trying to meet a specific need, for example, the case of buying the latest car.

The two most commonly used techniques in the world in the field of marketing through digital channels are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Both are geared towards putting specific terms in search engines so that they can be found in the list of options users can select to address their concerns and demands.

  • SEO Strategy

The process of SEO involves an array of actions on the website that increase the likelihood of being listed among the top results in the results of a particular search. For instance, when a user is trying to find a garage near them, they'll look up search engines such as Google and use that search to select the best possible option, which tends to show up at the top of the search results page.

Being in this position isn't something that happens by chance and even though it's real that the algorithm these platforms employ is not clear There are some guidelines that can be followed to improve the exposure and potential of your site.

  1. Create relevant content for your specific market segment: People usually do other kinds of search queries when they are attracted by something, "the best-used car of 2022" or "how to select a great used vehicle" are examples of questions that a person might have prior to deciding to search for the perfect vehicle. This is why it's possible to entice the consumer by creating posts on these subjects and providing responses.
  2. Google My Business: There is the no better option than Google My business to position your local business as a leader within your field. All you need to do is sign-up and create a profile for your business, and complete the required information to allow interested people to get in touch with you.
  3. Experience for users: Be sure your website offers the best experience to the people users who come to it. Things like being mobile-friendly, providing accessibility options, as well as being well-designed, can impact the placement of your site and, above everything else, your conversion rate and ease of use for your customers.


  • SEM Strategy

The SEM strategy also seeks to be visible in search results, however, the major difference with SEO is the method employed to accomplish this. in SEO the best practices are employed to attain organic placement and SEM is typically used to create ads to be placed in prime places within search engines.

The secret to a successful SEM strategy is correct segmentation and creation of content along with the design of landing pages that guarantee the highest conversion percent of potential visitors. Google Ads is one of the primary platforms for this type of method.

2. Content Marketing

One of the best ways to reach an even larger audience is to create content that is appealing to the people you want to reach. For owners of car lots among the best kinds for content creation is through video.
Video content can help you to reach out to new customers, grab the attention of potential customers, and make your company an industry leader.
It is possible to go with the classic notion of showing the cars you have on your lot and the benefits they bring or go a step more and provide valuable information collection for your audiences like how to maintain their cars or other things to think about when purchasing or selling their automobile.


3. Events and Brand Promotions

The idea of organizing events where your business or your goods are focused will yield a significant yield on your investment. This type of marketing strategy is extremely effective because the focus is usually on the establishment this will increase guests and the possibility of selling.
The most popular concepts in this kind of market are

  • Special deals are only available for an exclusive date (Father's Day, Black Friday, Christmas time)
  • Offer basic solutions: from a car wash to a simple check-up, these kinds of tiny actions can help you secure your spot in the local marketplace as an important factor among automobile owners.
  • Car parades These are typically extremely striking, and you could involve your entire community in supporting an issue to make it an additional.

4. Referral Marketing

In the previous paragraph that a happy customer can be a valuable all-rounder for your business. A lot of times, getting a good bargain and satisfy their expectations of them to tell their stories to their friends. But, with an incentive program, it's feasible to boost the number of referrals.

The most straightforward way to set up this kind of program is to ask people to suggest your dealership's vehicle as the most suitable choice in exchange for a reward or reward. The rewards can be different in nature. The most popular options are discounts or coupons for gift cards, services that are free as well as cash.

5. Stay on top of your customers who are currently with you

The most content customers could be great ambassadors for your brand. For this reason, it's important to determine the degree of satisfaction and classify those who are satisfied customers.
The most straightforward method to do this is to conduct a follow-up survey. This is comprised of a questionnaire, which could include questions like NPS and open-text questions to gauge your satisfaction level. Based on this data you will be able to identify ways to improve your service and encourage people to share their experiences with other people.
At QuestionPro we've developed a complete system that was specifically designed for this particular need. If you're looking to know more about our system to assess customer satisfaction and analyze every touchpoint of your customer experience We encourage you to check out our site for answers to all your queries.


6. Monitor and improve the Customer Experience at your dealership
The things that aren't measured can't be improved. That's why measuring the satisfaction of your customers and those who come to your car dealership is extremely crucial. The most effective way to ensure the proper and efficient control of this vital measurement is by making utilization of an effective customer experience management system.


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