Reasons Why a Strong Brand Identity Designs Important for Your Small Business?

Beyond a simple logo A good brand can boost the worth of a business and provide employees with guidance and motivation, as well as making it easier to attract new customers. What is the definition of a brand?

The answer is simple: everything is.

A brand is the totality of the public's perception of a business's customer service reputation, image, advertising as well as its logo. If all of these elements of the company are in sync the overall brand is likely to be healthy.

Learn directly from Ramona Jones, a small business owner who realized firsthand the importance of branding crucial to her success. Jones created Discover, Learn & Grow as she wanted to offer affordable education and child care services in Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania. However, to get it off the ground it was necessary to spread the word about her company.

As one of the six companies located in Bristol Borough selected to receive an upgrade in their marketing strategies during the second season of Small Business Revolution -- Main Street, Discover, Learn & Grow was successful in strengthening its image with the help of The Deluxe team of experts in marketing. The brand's rebranding was a big help in helping Discover, Learn & Grow draw attention, increase trust and gain customers.

1. Branding can increase recognition

One of the main elements of a brand's identity is a logo, because it is the "face" of a business; it's the first thing people recognize. Professionally designed logos are easy enough that it is memorable but strong enough to create the impression you want to convey about your business.

Although Discover, Learn & Grow featured the logo however, it didn't convey its educational nature. school. Parents and guardians should be aware that the company was a preschool that was managed by an expert who had more than 25 years' experience in the field of education.

In this regard, Jones looked to the Deluxe team to create an identity that better represented her company. They created a positive and modern style that communicated growth and growth. To convey the distinctive programs and services offered by the company they included"early learning center" and "early learning center" to the logo. The final logo is easy enough that it is memorable yet powerful enough to leave the right impression with clients.

2. Branding builds trust

As people are more likely to buy from a company which is polished and authentic, families must feel at ease before signing up for the child care program. The Deluxe team put the company's brand new design to decorate the business card and employees' T-shirts as well as the outside buildings to provide it the professional appearance it needed. Visitors and anyone else who sees the logo now have the ability to recognize the company as a trusted source to educate the community.

The team also assisted Discover, Learn & Grow to improve the web site with information that addressed the concerns and questions parents are faced with. To build credibility, the site includes extensive bios of the early teachers, the list of their certificates as well as answers to frequently asked concerns. The website has the exact appearance, feel and color of the logo. This reinforces the impression that this company is reliable and a consistent professional in the field it serves.

3. Branding is a way to promote advertising

Advertising is an additional component of the creation of a brand. The media used and the target audience for ads help create the brand. Learn, Learn & Grow added its logo on clothing, packaging and printed materials to spread awareness about the company and differentiate itself from other competitors.

As Discover, Learn & Grow held birthday events and birthday parties, the Deluxe team suggested that Jones include the brand's new logo to the bags of goodies for children. This would give a second impression of the brand for parents of children who attend the events, and will transform the logo into an outdoor billboard which is free publicity to help get your business noticed.

4. Branding builds financial value

Companies that are publicly traded on an exchange are valued at multiple times the actual assets of the business. The majority of this comes from the brand of the business. A solid brand can often guarantee future success.

If a business is in the position to take out loans for expansion or to go the funds to an IPO and being seen as more valuable makes this process more beneficial for the company's owner. The more a business's commitment to enhancing its brand's value, the higher the financial returns from its efforts. A consistent, unified brand ensures that Discover, Learn & Grow is well-positioned for any subsequent expansion that it might want to undertake.

5. Branding inspires employees

A lot of employees require more than work they want something to strive for. If employees are aware of the purpose of a company and the reason behind it, they will be more likely to have the same sense of pride and move together in order to meet the goals the owner of the business has established. A strong brand similar to turning the logo of the company into a flag that the other employees can rally behind.

As with all teachers, Jones and her staff are enthusiastic about their work. The preschool's consistent and unifying brand, which is based on the new logo, demonstrates this passion and continues to motivate Jones and her team, even when difficulties occur.

6. Branding generates new customers

Branding also helps businesses get referrals from word-of-mouth. For instance, will a customer be in a position to tell a person to tell them about Discover, Learn & Grow without being able to recall the name of the center? The most successful businesses big and small have one thing they have in common. They have made themselves an industry leader in their specific business by creating a powerful brand starting with a powerful logo.


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