How Custom Home Builders Can Set Their Brand Apart

Strategies for marketing custom home builders

For those who are marketing for a custom-designed home builder, you probably are aware of the people who will be your customers and your particular area of expertise (i.e. the characteristics that differentiate you). Are you maximizing your marketing? Are you doing the best you can to be noticed? The best ways to stand out as a home builder who is custom are:

Optimize your site

SEO is crucial for every brand however, for builders of custom homes local SEO is more vital. Your SEO strategy starts with your site. Begin with a list of keywords (found on sites such as SEMrush) which relate to your business and the location of your custom home construction. For example, if your company is able to provide services to the Arizona area, the keywords could include "custom homes in Arizona," "custom home builders AZ," and the list goes on. In the next step, "make sure that phrase is included on the titles of any of your pages on your website. Also , include it in your content on your website's homepage." Best practices for local SEO are creating content for local audiences including location pages on your website and optimizing it for your site for Google My Business.

Create a blog.

Custom homes are extremely individual projects for customers. Therefore, a personalised newsletter that is tailored to the interests of their clients is essential. It's also true that "sometimes potential customers are interested in your company or what you have to say, but aren't quite ready to make a purchase." Newsletters are a great method to display your portfolio and blogs are an excellent method to showcase behind the construction process providing potential customers with insight into your skills and processes. These tools can help you establish your home's brand and make you more popular with your customers.

Include case studies as well as project galleries.

Case studies and a comprehensive photograph gallery constitute the primary component to include in the custom home builder. Potential clients and customers want to view past projects. They would like to be impressed by images, and they would also like to learn about the particulars about the work (where storytelling could be incorporated in). Case studies can also provide testimonials from previous customers which could be the difference in an offer. The more easily shared these galleries and case studies are and the more marketable the customized home brand becomes.

Utilize social media to your advantage

Additionally Custom home builders are image-driven brands. Therefore, social media platforms like Instagram allow you to showcase both recent and past projects. Make sure you use every website to your advantage. Facebook is a great resource for helping customers with their questions. Twitter is a great way to reach new groups. LinkedIn can assist with connecting with B2B contacts and networking. Additionally, YouTube can assist in showing the more lively aspect of your brand (i.e. or a video timelapse of your project).

The examples we love

Since custom home builders boast an incredibly visual brand It wouldn't be right not to highlight some of our top choices. These local businesses set themselves apart by their imagery, storytelling and captivating brand names.

Argue Custom Homes

Argue Custom Homes is a luxurious custom home builder located in Arizona. Their name is associated with a particular market due to the vast estates they design for their customers. This is why their website is visually appealing and focuses on the particulars about the houses they construct. The about and process pages are a great way to tell the story behind the brand, while the imagery is consistent throughout. Argue is a wonderful example of a company that knows its market and provides them with information throughout their website.

CNC Homes

CNC Homes is a custom home builder from the local area with a history of 50 years. Their branding is consistent with images and colors across their website and on their social media channels, and they are also focused on their portfolio as well as customer case studies. To better understand their market, they have a frequently updated blog which is a conversation with their current and potential customers alike.

New Energy Works

New Energy Works' Timber Frame Homes is an international company that designs custom homes for a narrow market. The woodworking and timber framing approach is evident on their website as well as their social media channels. Similar to the other examples of storytelling, they weave it into their branding touchpoints, and put the focus on imagery in the gallery as well as the case study. Through their unique approach that sets their own brand apart.

Gaining momentum

For a brand to stand out, it requires time and an in-depth knowledge of the market and the services the brand can offer. For brands such as the custom-built home builder, they have special strategies like image-forward websites and case studies that stand apart from their (growing) competitors. The key here is to establish momentum in your marketing, with values and content that propel your brand forward and keep you ahead of the crowd.


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