It is almost impossible to scroll through social networks without coming across influencer-marketing. You will see influencers displaying their latest products, such as new makeup brands, candles or snacks.

Influencers find new ways to get sponsored on their favorite platforms, from traditional posts to Instagram Stories that are ever-popular to long videos.

It's important to remember that everyone can be an influencer when it comes to defining them. John Maxwell said, "To be an influential person, you must first love them before you can try and lead them." Engaging means that you have at least one person liking your posts.

Let's acknowledge those who are trying to grow their audience. People post about the products and brands they love because they love them. While they may be hoping for a deal with a brand in the end, they don't make any money from their posts at the moment.

You might think that influencer marketing is something new and trendy. Influencer marketing was actually started 15 year ago. PayPerPost was the first platform to pay bloggers to create branded content. There was a lot of speculation about it. Experts were skeptical about the authenticity of adding sponsorships or advertising to blogs, since they were often seen as online journals.

This is a problem that influencers today still face. However, those who are able to successfully promote products and services while sounding authentic and real can reap many rewards. People want to purchase from people they trust.

Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing allows brands to promote their products by leveraging endorsements or recommendations of influencers and content creators via the internet. While blogs and social media are the most popular platforms for influencers, other creators such as podcast hosts or podcast hosts may also be available. Influencer marketing can be a key part of brand awareness campaigns.Although influencer marketing was born in 2006, the industry has seen a lot of change over the past 15-years. Infusers were initially bloggers who shared their lives and promoted the products they used every day.

Many people are now career influencers and make a living from brand sponsorships. It was not possible to consider blogging a full-time job without making a few side incomes.

Today's influencers have many more options than their predecessors. There are many social media platforms that you can choose from and so many content types they can create. YouTube and TikTok, both video platforms, are great options. Traditional blogging and Facebook are great options for those who enjoy long-form writing. Instagram is a great platform for influencers looking to do a bit of everything. Although Clubhouse is still relatively new, influencers will soon find a way for Clubhouse to become a place for their promotions.

Influencer Marketing by The Numbers

Influencer marketing is a very popular tool in marketing right now.

  • Nine of the 10 brands use influencer marketing.

If you don't want your company to fall behind, it's time for you to explore your options in influencer marketing. There's bound to be an influencer in your industry that fits your needs, no matter what sector. 

Earn an equivalent earned media worth $18 for every $1 spent.

Influencer marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness, sales, and get your brand out there. This is a marketing tactic that has a higher media value than other methods. It is important to approach influencer marketing strategically so that you do it right. This kind of earned media equivalence can only be achieved if you work with the right influencers within the right niche.

4 Reasons Influencer Marketing Will Continue To Grow

Influencer Marketing is a popular trend right now. But, it's not going away. It's not even finished growing. It will only continue to grow in popularity over the next few years. Now is the perfect time to start learning about it and incorporating it into your own strategies.

1. Influencers are more common.

Although it may seem like there are too many influencers, this is not true. There are many opportunities to be an influencer on social media platforms as they grow.

While some will do it intentionally, others will just be sharing their lives and securing a deal with a company that they love. There will be more people who are interested in growing niche audiences. This increases your chances of finding the right person to talk to your ideal customer base, which is perfect for your ecommerce store.

2. The popularity of influencer marketing agencies is growing.

Influencer marketing, like any other business strategy, is becoming more standard. There are agencies that represent influencers, and agencies that help brands find the right influencers to support their strategy. Marketing will continue to expand as the influencer marketing business continues to grow.

These agencies can be a great choice for ecommerce businesses that don't have the time or resources required to keep up with influencer marketing trends. Without having to learn everything, you can still reap the benefits of influencer marketing.

3. You have more content options.

In the beginning, influencers started by writing blog posts about their favorite products. As social media became more mainstream, the types of content that influencers created changed. Video has shown incredible power on Instagram, Facebook Live, YouTube, TikTok, and IGTV.

It is easy to wonder about the next big trend for influencer marketing, given the popularity of podcasts, and the introduction of audio-only apps such as Clubhouse. We may not have the answer but we know it will evolve. Joining new platforms can help ecommerce brands be ready to capitalize on new and innovative content and platforms. 

4. Real Influencer 

People are more inclined to see posts that haven't been edited in recent years. People don't want someone telling them what they should do. They want to see the reality. They want to see influencers fail and have bad days, then get up and carry on.

This transparency has led to more people trusting and following influencers. Influencers can help ecommerce brands reach more people, especially if they don't hide the best, most-filtered aspects of their lives.


Ways Ecommerce Stores Are Using Influencer Marketing

All types of businesses can benefit from the influencer marketing approach. Celebrities work with big brands to promote their products.. Influencer marketing is a key component of ecommerce. If you haven't joined yet, it's time.


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